July 14, 2019 2 min read

Top 5 Best Locations to Create Mood with Candles

Nothing can go wrong with candlelit dinners. It’s the epitome of romance and sweeping someone off their feet. 

Occasionally, we would love to be swept off our feet and to be on the receiving end of the classic romantic gesture. On other times, we want to be the one giving attention to our partners. If you want to escape the hustle of the city, take a step back, and set-up the best mood for a candle-lit dinner for two. 

# 1: Sunset by the beach 

Hands clasped together, sitting side by side while watching the sunset, and listening to the waves make up for a grand gesture. Start by lining-up candles to the path of your table, then place the towels and sprinkle fragmented shells like flower petals. You might want to include a natural aphrodisiac in the menu like Oyster. 

# 2: Your Backyard Garden dinner 

A garden dinner gives off a fairytale vibe – complete with the hanging candles, paper lanterns hanged by the trees and plants, and the string lights. Set-up the table near the flowers or sprinkle the table with flower petals. 

A centrepiece is crucial in a garden candlelit dinner so make sure to pick a classic centrepiece, try Ranunculus for that layered petals or Tulips for their unique shape and variety of colours. Keep the menu fresh and simple, the focus isn’t much on the intricate meal, but the comfy backyard, and your beautiful conversation. 

# 3: Pick a nice restaurant 

Things can get busy and our work often get in the way. If that’s the case, you can look for a nice restaurant and let them do the preparation for you. Make the dinner more thoughtful by adding your personal touch. You can bring your date a gift that he or she’ll love. Order the most romantic meal in the menu and add a tasteful bottle of wine. 

Make it close and personal by getting a table by the window overlooking the city lights or the river. 

# 4: Cozy in your tent 

Tents are the definition of cozy and perfect for that unique and memorable dinner. Light up the tent by lining up candles on the floor and take out those mattresses and cushions from the cabinet and put them to good use. You can hang and chill the night away grilling your marshmallow and drinking your hot cup of chocolate. 

# 5: By the pool 

Bring your date to a resort and have a romantic dinner by the pool. Floating candles with flowers give off a beautiful glow. Take some of the pillows and throw them on the pretty blankets by the water’s edge. Serve cocktails and enjoy the sunset and make it an unforgettable weekend getaway neither of you can forget. 

You need not spend much for your candle-lit dinner because, at the end of the night, it’s the thought and not the cost that matters. Light the candles up and enjoy the rush of passion into the long night! 

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