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Fresh flowers add aesthetics to a house, it gives off a bright and cheerful home. The same is true with your food too. 

Flowers aren’t just for display; they can be added to dishes too to make your food as healthy and as pretty as it can get. Aside from that, edible flowers have a unique taste that adds depth and flavour to your meal. Here are some of the recipes you can try at home using edible flowers. 

Candied Rose Petals 

Flowers are the best dessert decoration, that is for sure. But we’re taking it a top notch by adding it with rose petals. This recipe is a fairly easy one as you can have ready-made cupcakes for your base.  To make this, you’d need large roses, egg whites, water, and sugar. You do this by removing the good petals and lay them down on a parchment paper or baking sheet. You then whisk a teaspoon of water and egg white in a bowl and using your pastry brush, brush the petals slightly and sprinkle it with sugar. Just allow for it to dry in 24 hours and you’re good to go! 


   Figure 1 Candied Rose Petals (Source: http://une-deuxsenses.blogspot.com)

Stuffed zucchini flowers recipe 

Flowers aren’t the beauty of the dish, sometimes it can be the dish too. This recipe is the main event with smoked ricotta and goat cheese-stuffed zucchini blossoms. 


Figure 2 Zucchini blossoms (Source: https://boyandspoon.com)

Spring Salad with edible flowers

This spring in a bowl recipe is great for gatherings, celebrations, and holidays. Toss a mix of baby spring lettuces, throw in some thinly shaved onions, and accent it with edible flowers. It’s easy and it’s colourful making your dining experience a more vibrant one. 

There are several edible flowers you can use, including carnations, citrus blossoms, day lily, daisy, geranium, dandelion, and many others. 


Figure 3 Spring in a bowl (Source: https://theviewfromgreatisland.com)

Grapefruit Blossom Pot de Crème 

Another Spring recipe is 

this pot de crème. Do this by warming the cream that you’re going to use for your pot and simply add the cleaned blossoms right after. You can also do this for ice cream and cocktail drinks. If you don’t have grapefruit blossom, you can use other aromatic blossoms like jasmine, apple, honeysuckle, or any that you can find in the nearby market or your kitchen. This mild and aromatic is your dessert to beat. 

Figure 4 Pot de Creme with Grapefruit Blossom (Source: the view from the great island)

Vanilla Rose Shortbread Cookies

Make your cooked tastier with edible dried flowers. This recipe is delicious, buttery, and glazed with dried edible roses for a romantic feel. Just be careful when including dried roses or flowers in your baking and add them with the butter. There are roses that aren’t edible so be cautious about that. But the roses that have been grown, harvested and preserved with the sole intention of being consumed as they don’t have pesticides and are safe to eat. 


Figure 5 Romantic food for your romantic soul (Source: Season and Supper)

Try out these recipes in your own kitchen and tell us what they taste! 

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