July 14, 2019 2 min read

Displaying your Bonsai Tree at Home

Take your miniature trees and display it proudly.

Bonsais are your miniature trees that originated from Japan. They are beautiful plants that automatically give your home that homey and unique vibe. Bonsais may be small, but they need extra care for them to grow healthy.

Taking care of your Bonsai

Bonsais need meticulous care and like any other plant, they need light, water, and enough trimming. There are several species of bonsais and each species has different type of leaves, flowers, and trunk. Knowing the species is important because the care it needs is dependent on its kind.

If you are new to this, it’s best to buy a developing plant in this way, you need not grow the plant from scratch which takes years.    

What do you need?

Water and light are the necessities of your plant. Give it ample natural light and water it regularly. Make sure that you are not giving it too much water because that can rot the roots causing it to die. Fertilizers are also essential to keep the soil healthy; you can also replace the soil often to help the plant grow strong.

Pruning or trimming is equally important in growing a bonsai plant. You don’t want the leaves to just grow everywhere, you need to trim them especially during spring and summer. Remove the dead twigs and leaves as well so that there are no obstructions in the plant’s growth.

Displaying your Bonsai beautifully

Bonsais look great inside or outside your home. Don’t hide it in the corner, put it somewhere it could really shine. Put it in your patio, in the middle of your garden by the water fountain, in your bedroom, living room, basically anywhere in the house you deem fit.

Make sure that you put the Bonsai in a pot that goes well with your interior décor. Place it in a corner with plenty of natural light. These miniature trees are best viewed at eye level, this means that the average table is too low. You want to choose a Bonsai stand that’s not too ornamented. Pick a simple stand because you want people to look at your plant and not the stand.  The stand is there to harmonize the surroundings and to enhance the beauty of the 

bonsai so avoid a stand that had a drama of its own.

Take your bonsai outside

Designing your Bonsai garden can be difficult but not impossible. There are many ways you can display your bonsai in your garden, one of the common ways is by using vertical poles in your garden. Professional Bonsai gardens often do this, they display their most loved bonsai in the center of the garden at eye level to make them stand out. Visitors can stroll around your garden to admire the view. Your vertical poles can be made from wood or you can also use concrete shaped like tree branches.

Taking care of Bonsai plants and displaying them in your home isn’t just a fleeting hobby, it takes time and passion. So, invest your time and let the bonsai grow magnificently. 

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