July 09, 2019 2 min read

Gardening is a lively activity for adults as well as kids. With gardening, you can share a hands-on activity that’s fun and relaxing. This weekend, why not have fun with your kids with the following garden activities:

Growing their favorite vegetable

Is there a better way to promote healthy eating than gardening? This activity will also teach kids about resourcefulness, patience, and a love of nature.

Let your child pick the type of vegetable he wants to grow. If you have two or more kids, turn this activity into a contest with the winner growing the largest vegetable. Your child won’t just learn how to grow their favorite veggies but will also treasure the time they spend taking care of their vegetable garden.

Kid Growing

Growing their favorite flowers

Aside from growing vegetables, plant flowers with your kids. Assign who gets to grow flowers on the front yard, patio or backyard. Turn this activity into a contest and award the prettiest garden.

You can also ask their opinion as to the kind of theme you want to use for your garden. Construct rocky pathways, mini fish ponds and redecorate your patio space.Your kids will surely appreciate working in the garden from now on.

Edible Flower

Learning about helpful garden bugs

While working in the garden, take this as an opportunity to teach your kids about the many helpful insects found in the garden. Turn this into a fun learning experience by really catching and holding these garden animals including bees, ladybugs, and earthworms. Teach your kids about each type of bug and what it does to help garden plants.

Making garden chimes, scarecrows, and other garden ornaments

Your kids can help you make all kinds of ornaments for your garden. Use shells to construct mobiles, bells, light holders and chimes. Use recyclable items like plastic bottles, cans, cartons, and wires to make different garden accessories.

You can check out creative garden crafts online if you want ideas about cool garden ornaments. Remember that by using recyclable items, you don’t need to spend much on making accessories and supplies.

Garden Chimes

Making bird feeders and bird baths

Birds can turn your garden into a green oasis. Imagine having colorful birds of different sizes and species visiting your lovely garden each year! You and your kids will learn all about the different local birds as well as any migrating species with a DIY bird feeder and a bird bath. Use recyclable items like water bottles, old pots, broken teacups, saucers and plates, old cans and cartons to make a bird feeder. Your kids can help by painting these in different colors and designs. Bird baths should be placed under trees so that birds can fly in, relax and have a bath. This may also be made of the same material but make sure that the material you use holds enough water. After your feeder and bath are ready, print pictures of bird species that might come visit so your kids can readily identify them.

Bird Feeder

With these fun activities, your kids will learn, enjoy and love your family garden more than any space in your home.

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