Heirloom Salad Kit - 4 Vegetables to Grow From Open Pollinated Seeds

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HEIRLOOM SEEDS are high-quality, open-pollinated seeds from a plant that have been passed from one generation to another, carefully grown & saved because they are considered to be valuable. The value could lie in its flavor, productivity, hardiness or adaptability.

This growing kit contains everything you need to grow 5 rare spectacular vegetables from seed:

  • 4 Packets with organic seeds: Sparkler Radish ; Rutgers Tomatoes ; Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce ; Poinsett 76 Cucumbers
  • 4 Expandable soil pellets - ideal for seed germination
  • 4 Biodegradable planting pot
  • 4 Plant markers to track your seeds' progress
  • Detailed gardening guide including step-by-step instructions

                         ** For indoor / outdoor use **

         -----   PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA   ----