Our Story


It all started a few years ago. Like any beginner gardener, we found ourselves searching for guidance online, only to find an overwhelming and confusing amount of data. It was hard to know who to trust. This left us a bit paralyzed.

We realized that other people are probably facing similar issues. This is why we created our best selling“Sow and Grow”seed starter kit collection, to fix exactly that.

Our gardening kits are designed for beginners. We did all the research and the logistics in order to bring our customers anall in 1 kit with everything you need to start growing. People are loving it!

If you've always had an interest in the idea of growing your own plants and want to have a beautiful garden full of exciting plants like miniature bonsai trees, succulents, colorful vegetables and fruits, or even your own herb garden full with spices and herbal plants, our gardening kits are perfect for you to get started. Try it out, we are sure you will love them as much as we do!

Happy growing!

The Nature’s Blossom family